Have you ever read or heard about the World Happiness Report? Did you wonder why some countries rank higher than others and how happiness can be measured across a population?

I spoke to a Senior Analyst at the Happiness Research Institute. We did a deep dive into some of their research topics. We discussed the meaning of happiness and its 3 dimensions. We also talked about the factors that make some nations happier than others.

Some of the questions we answered include: Does money buy happiness? Are poor or rich countries more happy? Why is the world becoming less happy? How can countries make their citizens more happy? Is there a correlation between religion and happiness?

About the Happiness Research Institute: The Happiness Research Institute is an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. They aim to inform decision makers of the causes and effects of human happiness, make subjective well-being part of the public policy debate, and improve quality of life for citizens across the world.

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